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tv   Simulcast of the Mike Gallagher Radio Show  CSPAN  November 4, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> heading into the final weekend before election day here is what the road to white house coverage looks like on c-span networks. hillary clinton in detroit this evening for a rally there. she is up six points in michigan according to "real clear politics." that rally at 5:15 eastern. donald trump campaigning in pennsylvania today where polls are showing hillary clinton up not as much, 3 1/2 points according to "real clear politics" that rally
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in hershey is 7:00 eastern. that is also over on c-span. now look at some of the latest campaign ads. >> i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. ♪ >> i look in that fat, ugly face of hers. he was a war hero because he cast tap toured. i like people that weren't cap you had. i don't know what i said. i don't know remember. a person who is flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. our military is a disaster. when mexico sends its people, they're bringing drugs. they're rapists. like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. get him out of here! putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. wouldn't you rather in a certain sense have japan have nuclear weapons? saudi arabia have nuclear weapons. >> saudi arabia? absolutely. >> talk of make using nuclear weapons. no one wants to hear that about american president. >> why do we make them?
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i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. i love war in a certain way. ♪ >> this election is about choice. we have a chance to put our futures back into our own hands, to give us the right to educate our children in the schools we choose. to create investments where we need them most. to build better communities with jobs we create together and where justice is our right. this is our choice. this is our opportunity. we are ask for your vote. vote republican. >> the republican national committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> the last few years have been hard but republicans can change that. we believe in lowering your taxes so you can take home more of your money. >> lower taxes helps small businesses create more jobs. >> kids will have brighter future with school choice, protecting life and religious freedom matters. >> national security is important.
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>> make government work for us. vote republican november 8th. ♪ >> the republican national committee is responsible for the content of this advertisement. >> election night on c-span. watch the results and be part of a nationals conversation about the outcome. be on location at hillary clinton and donald trump election night headquarters. watch victory and concession speeches in key senate, house and governors races, starting live at 8:00 p.m. eastern and throughout the following 24 hours. watch live on c-span, on demand at watch live coverage using the c-span free radio app. >> here on c-span2 we're live in new york. that is mike gallagher, the host of the nationally syndicated "the mike gallagher show." the last of our political radio shows we're bringing you live on c-span2. among mike gallagher's guests, chairman of rnc, reince priebus
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and florida senator marco rubio. live on c-span2. >> good morning c-span2. i'm mike gallagher, we're getting ready to launch the friday edition of the mike gallagher radio show. we're welcoming in the c-span2 family. i hope you participate. we're 2 1/2 minutes away from show time, airtime. we have biggest abouts today, rnc chairman, reince priebus. hope to have vice-presidential running mate mike pence, eric trump, senator marco rubio. former fbi assistant director jim kallstrom. those are some of the guests we have planned next three hours. we'll take lots of calls. if you're not familiar with my show or me. hope you enjoy it. join us at 800-655-mike. that is the to free number. we have limited number of lines
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so you can text us. i have the texting screen and our producers and staff watch that pretty religiously. text us anytime you want. you can follow me on twitter at radio talk or mike. mike is our web site. if you're new to the show, i've been honored to be in national syndication going on i don't know, 20 some years. started out in new york on wabc radio in the mornings. down the hall from a guy named rush who i heard would have a future in radio. been talking on the radio and work as fox news contributor ever since. this week is our super bowl. we're four days away from the election. and we're watching this thing closely and it's all we're about. you know, all the time. we're leaving, breathing, and eating this. if you're watching c-span2 i expect you are as well. so anyway, we're one minute away. we welcome you in. again if you want to join us
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participate in the show, want to agree with me, disagree, you know, just chime in, 1-800-655-mike is my number. again call or text that number. 800-655-6453. welcome in c-span2 do "the mike gallagher show." i'm glad you could join us today. thanks. here we go. always by the way have my can of trust at this coke. that is unpaid endorsement. they don't pay this they should, they should. we do have advertisers. but this is a freebie. it's the beverage of champions. i don't know.
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♪ >> this is your total information source, "the mike gallagher show." the news is happening now. >> put half of trump's supporters into what i call the "basket of deplorables." >> i guess we're all "deplorables" now, hillary. we keep you connected to the headlines like no one else. >> just awfully good someone with the temperment of donald trump is not this charge of the law in our country. >> because you would be in jail. >> secretary clinton -- >> now, here is mike gallagher. >> is your heart going to take it? we're four-days away because of the election we feel like we've been talk about for the past 20 years. i told you this would be one of the longest weeks of our life. and it has been.
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it has been a long, arduous week with story after story, layer after layer. clearly a rift between the fbi and the department of justice. clearly a lot of anxiety if you're a hillary clinton supporter, if you're a donald trump supporter. there just is no doubt that we're almost out of ways to be shocked by the election of 2016. big special welcome today, to c-span2 viewers who are tuning in. c-span2 elected to come up and simulcast the radio show. i know they have done a couple shows this week. my colleague and good friend from the salem radio network hugh hewitt earlier this week. thom hartman on the left. i believe they simulcast his show yesterday. today it is gallagher's turn. if you want to watch the show, kind of see how we make the sausages and see the show behind the scenes, feel free to tune in
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to c-span2 as we are being simulcast today on c-span. our to free number is 800-655-mike. there is such unbelievably, ground-breaking news about the polls and the shift in momentum and, you know, listen, make no mistake, especially to c-span2 viewers who may have never seen me or heard me before, i don't want hillary clinton to be elected. i truly believe this country needs a change and i have pledged from the gypping to support the republican nominee, no matter who it is and there has been definitely a different path for a lot of other people, even many of my colleagues on the right, who just can not swallow the prospect of a donald trump presidency. and, some of them i think have done great damage to themselves in the course of changing their mind, on board, off board. jason chaffetz was grilled by
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wolf blitzer on cnn. wait a minute, how can you be on board? you said you couldn't support him. now you say you support him. what's the deal. here was the back and forth with jason chaffetz and wolf blitzer on cnn. >> some people are calling you a hypocrite. >> everybody i think is struggling with their own decision but as i also said in there, i will never ever, vote for hillary clinton. i struggled with this. i am not going to endorse donald trump. i am not going to do that. i can't defend the comments that he made but, elections are tough decisions. at this point you have two people, one of the two, hillary clinton or donald trump will become the next president of the united states. and last week, my wife and i both voted for donald trump to be the next president of the united states. i think hillary clinton is that bad. >> now that of course contradicts what he said immediately after the "access
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hollywood" tape was released where he said, listen, i have got a daughter. i can't possibly support him. i am so thankful and so grateful for the guts that it takes as a republican, to say you know what? evan mcmullin is not an option. evan mcmullin is trying to spoiler. there is no purpose for evan mcmullan's candidacy, to stop trump or hillary to get to 270 electoral votes. that seems to be only plan by evan mcmullin. not much of a plan. one of them will get to 270 and it won't be evan mcmullin. he will not play spoiler and he won't win utah. donald trump is in up six points
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in utah, even though mitt rom i who has not had the kind of guts that jason chaffetz demonstrated, has been this staunch of never trumper from the outset. the never trumpers are really a bad way. they're in a place where. they hope hillary wins, they will be held accountable an frankly if she loses they well be held accountable. never forget the failure of prominent republicans to support the legitimately elected republican nominee. he was elected fair and square. elected, not selected in a back room, elected to be the republican nominee for president. there are a lot of people that can't live with that, and can't accept that and that's a shame. pause, many of these people i have said over and over again are my friends. i hate to he see what they put themselves through. they have.
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so be it. now we have to focus on tuesday. and the stunning change at the map. new poll has trump ahead in new hampshire. a lot of states have moved toward trump. again hillary still has overall lead on the elector -- electoral map. i almost fell out of my chair looking through different sites on line, seeing a cnn story, six ways, six ways trump can win 270 electoral votes. starts with four must-wins, florida, ohio, north carolina, iowa. those, plus making sure he doesn't surrender other typically republican states. then there are bigger states on his target map. pennsylvania, which i believe is doable. i said it for the last two weeks i think he will win pennsylvania. wisconsin, virginia, michigan, any one which would put donald trump over the top. i can not accept the premise that the american people would
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elect a presidential candidate who is facing the kind of fbi scrutiny and investigation that mrs. clinton is facing. there is no way. do you realize we're having conversations now about impeachment? to you realize we're having conversations now about pardons, presidential pardons? how will that work? how would barack obama pardon hillary clinton if she gets elected and there is indictment of some kind? and, it's blowing my mind, that the media is so biased, that they will not even report on the fox news channel bret baier sourced reports that hillary clinton's private, personal email server was hacked at least five different times by five different foreign entities. not even reporting on the sourcing to bret baier who is respected journalist and newsman in washington, d.c.
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who is reporting that there is, with certainty, an indictment coming. not even reporting the thousands, hundreds of thousands of emails evidently found on hillary's right hand person huma abedin's laptop that she shared with her disgraced, estranged husband. this is a crazy year. and the craziness is about to either end on tuesday, or, it is going to get worse. i don't know which. 15 past the hour. i hope you join us, 800-65 a-mike. as i said in the warm-up on break with c-span2. if you're a c-span2 viewer join us as well for the first time we welcome you in with open arms. 800-655-6453. you can call on the number and join us. text us if you can't get through on the talk lines. standard text-messaging rates may aapply. 800-655-6453.
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we'll get rnc chair reince priebus's take at the bottom of the hour. your calls. your perspective, four days to go on this election that is driving everybody crazy. we welcome you in. maybe i will be your therapist today. dr. mike is in. the doctor is in the house. it is "the mike gallagher show." ♪ television is a visual medium. i'm not often to visual medium. suzie from atlanta texted me, mike, french blue is your color. i guess this is french blue. i have no idea. it was first shirt in the closet. i love telling you about lifestyle stuff and going to the movies and something you might
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really love, a movie called, "hacksaw ridge." about one of the great war stories and great war heroes of all time. his name was desmond dos never fired a bullet. i saw this movie last week. i had a chance to screen it t was incredibly inspirational and powerful. you want to get away couple hours. lose yourself in a great movie? it is "hacksaw ridge". rated r. in theaters everywhere. okay, there we go. that is the first segment of the show obviously. getting a lot of text messages from c-span2 viewers who, you know, are new to the show. so thank you. i welcome you in. nice, positive comments. that is typically the format. we do every hour is sort of self-contained, do about a five
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to seven minute monologue. then we do typically next, will be a caller segment. we'll take a lot of calls lined up. joe from oregon is saying clinton can't win. ben from south carolina, clinton foundation. sharon in winter garden florida, fox news not being allowed on tv. sorry, c-span, i don't know what that is about. we do a caller segment in the second segment. another break at bottom of the hour. out of that we'll have rnc chair reince priebus. i will ask him a little bit about the fbi investigation, the electoral map, trump's campaign. you know, how difficult this has been to watch some of the republican never trump pers. that has been a truffle battle. that is 9:33 eastern time. we have one segment down and many more to go. i'm going to read a little bit, if you don't mind.
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reputational sis. call 800-651-4888. >> what is the significance of this? i don't understand the significance of this, non-farm payrolls total? might be a little in the weeds. ♪ >> mike gallagher. >> spend a lot of time with celebrities, spends a lot of time hanging out with the really wealthy folks, but you don't see him hanging out with working people. unless they're cleaning his room. >> there is barack obama on the campaign trail, denouncing donald trump. incidentally, i wonder what the price tag is to fire up air force one, which is 747? we know it always flies with a companion 747.
9:23 am
two 74s that fly everywhere the president goes. secret service, entourage. they have to send his motorcade ahead. the armored beast as they call it, the big limo that keeps him safe. they have to send that ahead by cargo plane. can you imagine the expense and does that get billed to the hillary for president campaign? or do we just pay for that as taxpayers? do tax dayers say, okay, you go denounce and mock and mock, ridicule, attack the republican nominee for president. about half the country, or maybe a little more or way more than half, want this guy to be president and we're paying for you, mr. president, to go from city to city to city, attacking him, and eviscerating him, oh, yeah, we're paying for your campaign stops? that fascinating how that works? we're not paying for hillary's campaign. she has to pay for her campaign. her campaign pays for her
9:24 am
campaign but you know we're paying for president obama and all, and enormous expense of his campaign stops. i just find that fascinating. one of the things that we accept. we sit back and say, all right, that is the way it works. that is the way the system works. and you wonder why people are enamored with the idea of a change candidate. you just surprised at the idea that somebody would break up washington, and would perhaps do things differently than the way we've done them over and over and over again. joe, you're first up on "the mike gallagher show" at 800-655-mike. joe, welcome aboard. >> yes. i think it is, ridiculous to hear all these people on tv talking about hillary clinton winning or losing. she already had to cheat to win the democrat primary. she can not win the election. she can only steal the election. she can not be elected. she can only be selected. >> well it is going to be interesting to see, if this
9:25 am
thing is close, then there are going to be howls of claims that this thing was rigged, that it was stolen. of course trump, his message of a rigged system has resonated with millions and millions of people. there are many of us who think it is not going to be all that close. in my hunch that it won't be all that close. i have a unhad much that trump is going to win by a wider margin than expected. the momentum is clearly in his corner. if you continue to look at these polls, you continue to see a changing electoral map. you continue to he see mower and more traction, why would that stop between now and tuesday? we have four days to go. we have four days to go. ben, you're next up on "the mike gallagher show." welcome aboard. >> welcome, dr. mike. >> how are you doing ben? >> i'm doing great. >> great. >> i listen to your show every day. first time i called in. i'm kind of emotional right now. i don't get it.
9:26 am
the emails and everything but i just read an article about the money that's funding this clinton machine, as well as isis and, i don't understand it, mike. i don't get it. the blood on her hands. >> listen, you talk, you talk about getting emotional. you want to get emotional, consider the mother of one of the slain heroes of benghazi, who has said to anybody who will listen, how could she have looked me in the eye and lied to me how my son died? you know. >> how can anybody, i don't -- >> you got to have faith. you have to have faith, ben. we have four-days to go. and i believe that donald trump is going to win. and you know, do not minimize the power of prayer, you know. we got to pray for the country. we have to pray for all of our leaders, republican and democrat, we have to pray that the american people get this right tuesday. incidentally, you're not just, you're not alone, ben.
9:27 am
how about susan sarandon? susan sarandon, a very high-profile, very talented actress and shoe's no conservative. she is no republican or conservative. listen to what she says about the dnc. >> so jill stein, she is the green candidate, you're supporting her because she is the green candidate? >> i wanted to vote for somebody who in some way is concerned about the things that concern me and i, after my experience in the primary, it is very clear to me that the dnc and also, reading emails, that the dnc is gone, and we need a progressive party. so if she can get 5% the incomes time around that means we could have a really viable third party. >> what do you mean the dnc is gone? what do you mean by that? >> it is completely corrupt, in bed with -- superdelegate is a lobbiest. >> wow, susan sarandon on cnn saying dnc is corrupt and all
9:28 am
the delegates are lobbyists. holy cow. maybe we get reince priebus's reaction to that. maybe he can enlist susan sarandon. i don't think she will sign up anytime soon. rnc chair, reince priebus coming up next on "the mike gallagher show." ♪ it is always a joy for me to tell but the association of mature american citizens. they're known as amac. they are the fastest growing 50 plus organization in america. it is very, very good reason for this. let me you introduce you to the group that fights for individual liberty, fiscal sanity in washington, the values that you believe in. the aarp represent, advances advocates and defends obamacare. that is just a fact. so if you know obamacare to be the disaster it is why would you belong to the aarp with amac is here?
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not only do they advocate for our values but provide, that will save a lot of money. on things like group rates on auto insurance. low-cost roadside assistance program. travel discounts. everything medicare related. i proudly belong to amc i want you to join as well. join amac going to www.amac.u.s. 888-262-8006 for amac. >> mike gallagher. >> different from the way it used to be, in the past we had some of us were frustrated at some of the republican candidates not reaching out to talk radio. we're planning a pretty important role i think in this election. all of us, across the spectrum, whether we're conservative or liberal or you know, moderate, you know, talk radio is sort of represents an activists, you know, segment of the population. people who seem to be more
9:30 am
involved, more engaged, better informed. yeah, we're opinionated. we put it all out there. we wear our opinions on our sleeve. we don't pretend to be journalists or news people but we take the news and you know, we opine about it if you will. anyway, but a good year. all the candidates even through the republican primary process, all of them came on the show regularly. the rnc has been very, very, you know, responsive and very proactive in getting guests on. i have interviewed trump i think eight times in the last seven or eight times. he has been pretty accessible. today coming up we'll have eric trump who has been on the show a few times. we had donald trump, jr., on a couple weeks ago. i'm sure we'll get a lot of reaction. we have to dive into melania trump yesterday, she was criticized for it because she spoke out against bullying and cyberbullying.
9:31 am
her husband is no stranger to a strongly-worded tweet. so she, was kind of mocked by that i want to give credit on air here in a little bit a guy i rarely agree with, van jones, democrat and liberal activist on cnn, but he gave her a lot of credit. why are we putting her down saying the right thing. so he came to her defense. i always believe giving credit where credit is due. especially someone who i don't agree with politically. i would appreciate, i appreciate that when somebody does that for me. so i will do that with van jones in a little bit and play that audio clip where he basically doing something good, standing up against pulleying. . .
9:32 am
reince priebus coming up.
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>> goodness. good news. watching c-span2 with my recently deceased mother's blind 15 year old yorkie poo on my lap. her mother, i'm sorry. i thought the dog was recently deceased. my baby is home with the dog sitter. thank you for watching us. >> music, please. we got him? where is he, lance? is not too.
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come on, let's go, guys. we have a backup number for him? let's call him. ♪ ♪ >> brought to you by the one and only my pillow. holy cow, best night sleep i forgot in my life. who would've thought i could sleep well in the middle of this crazy election-year. four days away from the election. i think it's the offer, the perfection of the pillow. mike has invented the perfect pillow, a field that is patented that conforms to your neck and your back and it is so good you're a very special officer. four pillars for the price of one. you buy one premium, you get a matching premium pillow and to go anywhere mike mills for the price of one. it's a great deal.
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make sure when you checkout use the promo code mike g. best pillow i've ever slept on. i'm sleeping like a baby. all thanks to them. >> i think i'm going to to get our next guest who joins us to our guest line, rnc chairman reince priebus is very own my pillow. i don't knowhow you were sleeping. we have four days to go. are you going to make it? >> an early christmas gift. i'm going to make it just fine. i'm excited them like anyone, your listeners are in the same boat. we are all kind of political junkies otherwise we wouldn't be talking. >> as a matter of fact, c-span2 simulcasting the radio show today. we got the real political junkies watching on c-span2 as well. >> that's fantastic. those people get the medal.
9:36 am
i'm excited. it's four days ago and the thing is getting tighter and tighter by today. i think one of the big differences, i don't know if you want to talk about numbers but momentum is everything in politics. if you're coming into tuesday and getting a little stronger, a little stronger, that's good it. four years ago we are coming into the finish is a link just a little bit. week coming into tuesday. that's not the case this time and that makes a huge difference. >> there has been a dramatic swing. the fox news decision team, for example, yesterday announced updates late yesterday new hampshire moves from lean democrat to toss a. a lot of moves from tossup to lean republican. indiana moves from lean republican to solid republican. missouri moved from lean republican to solid republican. mr. chairman, no one can dispute the momentum is absolutely in donald trump safer right now.
9:37 am
>> it shows republicans are coming home. indiana, missouri, those things you're saying just shows you when to go to strong, that's a republican coming back to where they need to be. look at the jim comey situation which i'm not sure we will talk about that but i just want to see the reason that matters is that it gave another green light to republicans saying look, this is your choice. she as a risky choice who failed after job, gave away state secrets, both of russia. she blew up libya. syria, iraq withdrawal in our e-mails on a computer used by anthony weiner with our classified information. it doesn't get any more bizarre and stupid than that. and who we are wondering whether we want to promote a person that failed miserably at so many things to president of united
9:38 am
states, giving away our state secrets. there's one thing, look, she remembers every transgression that's, every quote come out of donald trump smile. howard stern from 1980 to 98 should remember achieving -- when she was asked 39 times she said i don't recall which is asked of something that matters by the fbi. this is a joke and its phony baloney garbage drummer that is finally -- i heard that it's only been exposed with four days ago. >> cbs news reports fbi found e-mails on a laptop computer seized from huma abedin co-sharing after with a laptop with her estranged husband now estranged come anthony weiner and they're not according to cbs duplicates of those who were already found on the server. that poses all kinds of problems for huma abedin because she has testified under oath that she
9:39 am
turned everything over. bradberry has reported that fox news there is an indictment likely according to sources. mr. chairman, i cannot wrap my brain -- wrap my brain around this idea with this cloud hanging over mrs. clinton that voted to go into the booth and pull the lever for her because lord knows what's going to happen legally if she were to get elected tuesday. >> maybe they want to watch court tv for the next four years with hillary clinton. >> bring in judge judy. >> -- promote a person that potentially committed a very serious crime, or violated the most basic responsibility as secretary of state, and is now wrapped up into something more bizarre. not to mention the fact, we didn't even discuss through credible reporting that the clinton foundation is also under fbi investigation. so it's not the party talking about this stuff.
9:40 am
people have heard me say she's been selling her position as secretary of state. it's third party, its credible sources within the fbi. it's an unbelievable thing. that she could get away with nitpicking at donald trump businesses, which he built. what did she do? she told a position of secretary of state for $250 million in her pocket. >> reince priebus is our guest, it's got to be incredibly notable to everybody the contrast right now between the two campaigns. hillary is on the campaign trail bashing bashing bashing trump. trump, he's advancing his message of what he wants to do about illegal immigration, about the economy, about isis, about terrorism. he joked about it the other day and, of course, he was mocked for it but it was a funny moment when he said stay on point, donald, stay on message.
9:41 am
it was a funny thing but what a contrast between the two candidates. she seems to be let's be honest, flailing away and he looks like he's having fun in front of 20, 30, 40,000 people whatever it is at a time to big difference. >> he's staying on message, staying positive. and he likes it. he's comfortable with the closing case he's making across the country. he's working hard. he's out of there three, four, five times a day about. also doing roundtables before these rallies. one the other day we did a roundtable with puerto rican leaders around orlando and he was meeting with them, and he does that all over. little haiti and miami doing anything. so what people don't see is that there's also other events going on besides the rallies rarities building and multiplying and
9:42 am
adding which is the only way you can win. so look at her, was it like three weeks ago and she said going to be -- that's what she said. and here you go. it's obviously not true. >> let's talk numbers for a moment because people are wondering, is this actually possible he has sort of been the underdog all year. she's get everything in record let's face it on paper it shouldn't be close. it shouldn't be close. we heard her say this a while ago. i should, he may be wondering why i've got 15 points ahead. guess what, but she's not. she's not and let's talk numbers. what he has to do to what he has to be tuesday and why you're confident he's going to win the election. >> first of all, people should understand they don't need to know their brains with the their brains with us to early vote is going much better for republicans than as over the next four and eight years whether north carolina, florida, ohio, iowa, pennsylvania.
9:43 am
absentee ballots and early vote in this critical stage is better for republicans and worse for democrats. as far as the pathway, florida, north carolina, ohio must win and were looking good in all three. we've looked good in iowa and nevada. that get you to 265. you need five more. new hampshire, maine, congressional district gets you the five more. or you can win pennsylvania or you can win michigan which is tied to and that's legit. it's not just one rogue poll. there are multiple polls and internal special michigan died. we see colorado tied up again which is very surprising to some people. look, if i would've told you that either candidate a year ago that's going to win, i can only tell you three states this process going to win, florida, ohio and michigan if you would say that person, the republicans
9:44 am
going to win. you look at those three states right now, and florida and ohio look pretty good for trump. ohio very good. and then you've got this sort of surprise in michigan, which think about michigan and think about donald trump message, you look at that and he said okay, but jobs are gone. they are in china, mexico. people who had good jobs with dignity, you can send your kids to college and retire. it's all gone. i'm from wisconsin, a pretty similar place that had a pretty good comeback under scott walker, but michigan is a place that feels the same way. and it simply. >> i'm from ohio saw been watching the buckeye state so closely and it's always, always a crucial state. i hate to bring this positive conversation down with some negativity, but man, i'm just devastated out ohio governor
9:45 am
kasich riding in john mccain for president. my goodness. i mean, i can't help but wonder how different it would be now if these prominent republicans would have, for one thing, stuck to the pledge to support the republican nominee, like many of us have done them no matter who it is, but second of all not been so distracted over the candidacy of donald trump or are you disappointed with governor kasich's position? >> well look, of course, but i mean, we have to do with what we have to deal with. we've got four days to go and republicans are coming home, mike. they really are. when you look at indiana, you said before indiana going from lean to solid, it's just a clear indication republicans are coming home. they understand it's a binary choice. they understand hillary clinton is corrupt and unfit for office. a vote for anyone else was just
9:46 am
a vote for hillary clinton. that's just the way it is. >> there's no other choice and it's been a tough, tough year, a very divisive year. any particular regrets you've had over the way this has gone from the standpoint of the rnc or you personally? >> i haven't really thought about regrets. i don't want to think that regrets. i want to think about winning on tuesday. i think that, look, it's been a remarkable year and i would just say that it's a change year. if you look at senate races and you look at the top of the ticket, the electorate wants to change. but change is always a balance between, the change in the risk. so as people assess the risk and the choice, they are more likely to make the change. so that's what i think it's important i've constantly imposes what the choice is about. >> you are the longest-serving chairman of the rnc. from my perspective you done an
9:47 am
exemplary job during again what we all the coaches been a very difficult year. i so appreciate you taking time today on the friday before the election, the road to the white house. we win on tuesday. all the best. keep fighting the good fight and let's hope we have big smiles on their faces wednesday morning. that's the chairman of the rnc rides previous. joining us. your comments coming up, 800-655-mike. it's hard to not get bogged down with a john kasich's of the world, the mitt romney's, even the bushes. it for so frustrating to see these guys play this rule they've tried to play that inevitably would lead to a hillary clinton presidency. if they got their wish. and i can't, i just can't conceive of that, but listen to baseball the right. but stay positive, focused and let's look at the very good possibility that donald trump is going to stop hillary clinton getting the keys back to the white house. we are on c-span today if you
9:48 am
want to watch us to do the show today as well as listen to us and we appreciate that. you can watch us make a sausage on c-span2. you can call us in texas at 800-655-mike. we're traveling around the country. i'll be in philadelphia tonight and then in ohio, rallies in tampa, orlando. for details go to decision is 16 that site will take to all the seed will be in. we're in philadelphia tonight, colombo sal tomorrow. jon voight will be in select cities. my fellow talk show host larry elder will be doing this sort of get out the vote last minute rallies. again in philadelphia tonight, ohio tomorrow. campus sunday, orlando on monday. racking up some frequent flier myers. for details go to welcoming to the mike gallagher show.
9:49 am
>> the van jones thing is coming up. >> any word on mike pence?
9:50 am
>> i can't really hear you, lance. can you cut the feed? that the feed, eric. i can hear lance. can you cut my feed? any word on mike pence, lance speak with i think it's going to happen at the 11:00 hour. he's got a rally going on that will probably start late. depend on how fast it goes spent so we have jim at 11:30 a.m. so we give them a heads up for us? coffin at 11 now we might have governor pence and we might have to play that by year. >> no problem. >> ibm on, ideally mike pence at 11:05.
9:51 am
>> perfect. [inaudible] >> you haven't sent them to me. >> they were in their originally. so we have a quick segment here, to about three minutes and then a long break at the top of the hour. i'm going to stretch my legs, and get a lot of nice tax. kerry from colorado springs, watching you and c-span2. you are doing great. here's bob in columbus. john kasich is the poster boy for spineless republicans -- the nickname a lot of people in it
9:52 am
have given to the rhinos and republicans who haven't been strong enough, so like being in a phrase like an emasculated. it's kind of like a social media kind of jargon. and there's a funny note -- cut the feed. a funny note here from joe was watching c-span2 and heard me yesterday talk about the fact i have four tickets to see hamilton the musical and am going on this multi-city tour some stuck with him and i don't know what to do with them. amid want to donate them or sell them. i paid a pretty good price for them but i'm not trying to bargain on c-span2 for ticket brokering. not doing any of that but man, it's like the top hottest ticket in your. hamilton is a huge hit on broadway and i've got or seats center orchestra.
9:53 am
unlike i can't go now. if i can go, not a misprint of them are going to go. i'm not going to let them have the tickets. i'm selfish enough to sell them and try to get my money back. try to figure that out. give me the feed, please. >> welcome to our show. brought to you by taxol ridge.
9:54 am
when the bloodiest battles and all of world war ii. hacksaw ridge in theaters now rated r under 17 not admitted without parents. i always believe in giving credit where credit is due. van jones is a liberal democrat over on cnn. he's got a longtime history of being active with the democrat party. melania trump yesterday gave a speech, and she is not, she is not given a lot of speeches and she has not been on the campaign trail as a speaker very often. trump said she would yesterday she gave a speech that was really great message about bullying and cyberbullying and how kids are picked on because she was widely mocked and ridiculed because of her husband's penchant for sending out means weeks, or a g. tweets. i've got to give van jones credit to the u.s. last night saying wait a minute, wait a
9:55 am
minute. why are we beating a melania trump for doing a good thing? >> she is not a political wife. she so what about married, her husband decided to do this. she stepped up to the plate and she got hurt because the machine around her letter read a very bad speech. you see her clawed her way back. it was a great speech about for. we go to all the mud but listen to go to look at, if you're looking for is bridging in this campaign, her ability to come back and get back out there and try again is something we can applaud. >> good for you, van jones. it's no secret he doesn't want donald trump twin but as a kind thing like that about melania trump i think speaks well for him. tim, your next up on the mike gallagher show. how are you doing today? >> caller: if you wish you may so put a for sale sign on the white house lawn. -- if hillary wins. >> renting out the lincoln
9:56 am
bedroom is going to look quite >> caller: you we got here monday. >> orlando on monday. called the cohost mike mcbeth, i don't know if you met him, but he tells coming closer about a friend of his, mike is well respected and he tells the store about a friend of his who owned a construction company in florida. he put in a bid during the haiti crisis and when the paperwork was coming through for the bid, for the construction of the haiti stuff, he gets a call from, guess who, bill clinton. and the day, and clinton is asking him not for 20, not for 30 but $250,000 for the clinton crime foundation and, of course, the guy didn't take them up on eddie didn't get the contract. >> this is a part of this story that is stinking to high heaven and everybody knows it. coming up, speaking of florida,
9:57 am
we'll see monday, senator brown marco rubio. we will talk about his race and drop and more. he's coming up. spiff one of the joys of my job is to about topics that make your life feel a little bit better. wrong from texas writes it works. i don't know how but it does. paying pretty much gone. i've two artificial hips. up late in the neck precisely but anti-more mobile. thanks to really factor i want you to try. $19.95 is the quick start to put together.
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>> complexity spent too. we're getting ready to start our number two of the mike gallagher radio show. we are very honored you are tuning in. we are getting ready to interview senator marco rubio who's running for reelection in florida. i think i'll ask you about this report from the hills of this growing chatter on capitol hill that paul ryan, the house speaker, is going to step down after the election. i'm going to take on that. eric trump at the bottom of the hour. if you want to text us or call us, 800-655-mike. every go.
10:07 am
>> -- here we go. >> you may not believe it but there only four days to go. the road to the white house, four days away from this election of 2016 that has created so much anxiety in the
10:08 am
country, tension, friends of turning on friends. family members arguing with family members. holy cow, what a year it has been. i am very glad you could join us today, and nice little behind the scenes look at the mike gallagher show if you want to watch the radio show today, c-span2 is simulcasting our radio show. so you can see it. they keep us up on the brakes and i'm a little chatter with the c-span to viewers on commercial breaks. it's neat to see, maybe i maybe don't find me. maybe you find it incredibly dreadful, you can watch the show as hopefully you've listened to it over the years. there is an extraordinary momentum that donald trump enjoys right now. will it be enough? we wanted to stay. but besides the presidential race which seems that sucked all the oxygen out of the proverbial
10:09 am
room, very important senate races, very important house races. florida of course the state of the whole country always watches. marco rubio was elected senator from florida in 2010. he of course was a presidential candidate as well. he's running for reelection in the state of florida and we are very pleased to welcome senator rubio back to the mike gallagher show. welcome. how are you? >> caller: doing well. thanks for having me back on. >> are you happy, are you going to take a vacation, go to the beach, tell me? >> yes speed and yes to all of the above. >> i kind of feel you were talking about in the lead in a special after last friday, the combination knowing that the last four days of the campaign or hear combined with the revelations on friday of yet another fbi investigation and the guy i'm running against, he has a very prominent donor from
10:10 am
kind of a wealthy saudi arabian families that has given him about $400,000 over the years. that guy is under investigation by the fbi. it's unreal. just in florida both the presidential candidate hillary clinton an the democrat nomineer senate patrick murphy both have people into themselves are close to them under fbi investigation. would want to be them. >> i would much rather be where you're sitting and where he is sitting to be honest it fast act and democrats continually circle the wagon on behalf other candidates, despite the evidence of things that could be really, really bad news. your race is a good example of that. even president obama coast of florida, takes a pot shot at you this week, pokes fun at you. supporting, your opponent. it's pretty notable the way the democrats constantly sort of
10:11 am
protect their own and yet republicans sometimes eat our own, don't you think? >> what's most interesting i think i saw video last night, democrat after democrat, james comey came out a few months ago and said investigators was over, this guy was the greatest thing in the world, we love them. and then th the news comes fridy we had to reopen the investigation of hillary clinton because the stuff on anthony weiner's computer and now they all turn the other way, he's terrible, horrible guy. they are all there for the world to see. the hypocrisy, the same thing with the corporate when the supreme court rules against them on something -- when the supreme court rules in favor something they like, we have to honor the court other than what the court says if the court has spoken. they get away with it because for whatever reason.
10:12 am
the way it's covered is different. >> let's, incidentally to point about the james comey come is fascinating. now obama aides valerie jarrett, obama's chief advisor has according to the of posed urged the president to fire jim comey after the election. this stuff, it's making watergate look like a little walk in the park. some of the stuff just seems so corrupt and, frankly, unbelievable. >> they get away with it so what emboldened you to continue to do more. they get away with it so they continue to do more of the. harry reid come a perfect example. there's a clip of him saying what an incredible person james comey is somehow well-respected the year. now he's saying he violated the hatch act but they get away with it. because they don't, they figure we can act with impunity. we made a couple that had lunch but it will go away. we will never get to the way they do.
10:13 am
i think that contributes to some of the strategy that the the good news i believe is that voters, real people in the life see through all the stuff. >> senator marco rubio joining us from florida. you talk about the disproportionate media coverage. i think we know the media bias nationally. this fbi stuff with hillary has been overwhelming and yet the media doesn't seem to be too inclined to cover a lot of that. what about florida and the race of your in? this week you widen your lead in the polls. i know you don't take things for granted that things seem to be going well. how have you been treated media wise may be the person to the way trump has been treated national? >> i don't spend a lot of time complaining about it. by and large the biggest bias in the media is the move towards -- if a major donor of my campaign
10:14 am
was under fbi investigation or illegal campaign contributions i believe every newspaper in florida in every major network in the country would be down there chasing that story. they have mentioned it, it's got a couple writeups here and there but it's by large not receiving them as legitimate as i believe it would receive if it were the other way around. you can chalk it up to whatever people want but that's the reality. we deal with it but it will be a close race in florida. i encourage people we really need to help down the stretch. harry reid has spent a million dollars down the road. i did all help i can get. i encourage people to go on my website marco and give whatever you can because we can't be outspent the last few days. >> anticipating your victory and everybody seems to be predicting it, we don't take it for granted, you got to fight info for senator rubio in florida.
10:15 am
can you talk about what a senate looks like working with potentially a president donald trump? let's face it, you and i both know, he's a guy i like anybody who has ever run for president. we've never seen anything like this before. we are going to be in uncharted waters. do you feel optimistic, positive about what congress will be like working with the president donald trump should he win tuesday? >> is clearly innocent unorthodox candidacy so it's difficult to say. we do have some disagree was on foreign policy and things of this nature are at the end of the day my obligation is for the constitution and the state of florida. first and foremost i'm going to stand for those things no matter who is president. it is a present for my own part and to get avalon or nominate someone to the supreme court doesn't meet the standards, even if the nominee by republican, i will stand up to them on that. on the other hand, i can guarantee you that that's what happened if she's elected.
10:16 am
it will be a constant fight. one of the things i've said that, our framers were geniuses and they divided power. they didn't want to enhance one person. we've lost over the years and i believe it's time congress reassert itself, budget process, lawmaking process and oversight process. under both parties the presidency has become more powerful than it was ever intended to be. i think our system works best when it is a balance in case everybody in line. we've had republican presence in the past who have done things that perhaps were not good ideas, so we need to a strong senate but i can assure you that if hillary clinton wins this will be all the time. we will be doing everyday virtual on every issue unfortunately because i think she will move further to the left. >> nightmare issuer to be elected. i don't want to think about what this country will be like. i have to tell you imposing a great admiration for you and great respect.
10:17 am
it cannot have been easy that trump wenatchee real hard and are so question that for many people one of the reasons for the uncomfortableness with a donald trump, some the things he said in your direction and it have to be difficult to say i'm going to put that in the past adequate to support the republican nominee for president because we can't let hillary clinton getting. i think i speak for millions and millions of americans and plenty of floridians when i say kudos to you for being able to do that. because again it couldn't have been easy. >> the election is not about me. it's not about what's best for me. it's about a choice and we have a choice. i do disagree with donald on many things but i disagree with hillary on everything and that's the choice in florida. i made an illiterate commitment i made by the way. bottom line is it was never about me. in the end this is always about america when it was me or
10:18 am
someone else. what the country to move in the right direction after eight years of moving in the wrong direction. it really wasn't, in terms of that regard, i never felt this is about me and my personal feelings how things played out. i think god's plan is perfect and it was his plans i'm not going. that means he has other things plan for my life, either in or out of politics and i can't wait to see with it is. >> i have a hunch we will be hearing about marco rubio for many, many years to come. i appreciate you taking time here on the friday before the election. keep fighting the good fight. >> i ask everyone to go on my website and please help. >> tuesday is election day. let's support the right candidates. thanks. appreciate you joining us. senator marco rubio joining us here on the mike gallagher show. 800-655-mike. fasted way to you as a pudding that be did you notice, i disagree with donald trump on a number of things. i disagree with hillary clinton everything.
10:19 am
hey never trump verse, come home. come home to the republican party and the candidate and vote for donald trump tuesday. you can do it. that, if hugh hewitt can do it, you can do it. 800-655-mike. i don't think there's any chance. i don't think michael will budge. 800-655-mike, your phone calls coming up if you can't get to talk less, texas, your comment, text us to the same number, 800-655-mike. foretaste ago. the road to the white house. we are also being simulcast events he spent too. i'm glad you could join us for the mike gallagher show. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:20 am
>> a lot of scary things in the world and natural disasters like the recent hurricane on east coast bring terrible devastation. people want to know. the problem is identity thieves takes advantage of people's generosity by sending phishing e-mails asking for donation. that's the message warning. i have lifelock in my corner. you got to protect against identity theft the way i am. lifelock is getting hundreds of millions of transactions each and every second. if they detect something is funky with your bank out come with her credits was -- social security number, they send you an alert. that's a lot different than the free credit monitoring which will alert you to changes in. no one can prevent all identity theft armand all transactions
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lifelock is the very best identity theft protection the table. membership starts at just $9.99 a month plus taxes. go to >> so now we have about a four minute break. we have eric cobb schedule, donald trump's son there he made some news this week with some comments about david duke. we will probably have to get into that. see if he wants to clarify. he says something our radios set somewhere david duke, a bullet and arachidonic agreed with that. we will touch on that, talk about the campaign, the enthusiasm and what he thinks is going to happen on tuesday and abroad asking what happens if his dad loses. what happens to donald trump, the millions of people who
10:22 am
supported. that will be coming up, eric trump. also try to get a segment, some callers and keep rocking and rolling on friday morning. glad you're here, see thank you. -- c-span to.
10:23 am
>> i always get confused or 10 a.m. chicago time, center, so that's 11 a.m. our time, right? gotcha. we tried reminding them someone remind me to plug the world series parade.
10:24 am
10:25 am
>> here we go.
10:26 am
>> big day in chicago. the cubs world series parade today at 10 a.m. from wrigley field. the chicago river has been dyed blue for the chicago cubs and metaphorically i know that people mad but i suggested the cubs represented donald trump of baseball. the come from behind wind. i said that before the final game. what a dumb thing to say, but it worked out for the cubs and a great, great victory for chicago and all the cubs fans everywhere. bryant and welcome him. you on the mike gallagher show. how we doing? >> caller: i'm fine. thanks for taking my call. my comment here is that never trump, it's obvious as learn more about hillary and the pay to play it seems to me that
10:27 am
there's an obvious link between what these people go to some other allegiance to the republican nominee. they talk about what's going to happen after the election if we don't elect trump and that kind of stuff. my feeling is this backlash of realizing that this stuff is going on is so obvious that we have to be really careful about what we do from this point on out about who we elect. not that we did in the past but will come into sure sure clear now. we really, really need to understand once these people get up in the beltway there are just thing paid off left and right. >> the corruption is so bad at it so pervasive. the gallup organization just did an analysis that said with hillary, e-mail and foundation is overshadowing everything about her message. that's all people are hearing right now. they understand what kind of a
10:28 am
scandal that she is in the middle of out and the controversy is going to by the fbi. we are going to vote for a president who is under fbi investigation? is that even possible? ask eric trump or he will join us and a lot more coming up here on the mike gallagher show. it's always a joy to tell you about the association of mature american citizens. they are the fastest-growing 50 plus organization in america. a very, very good reason for this but let me introduce you to the group that fights for individual liberty, fiscal sanity -- >> this is a weird thing. is of the promos i'm going to cut for stations around the country. ready when you are.
10:29 am
>> coming up next hour we continue, the answer rolls along forefront of their 40 foretaste ago. senator marco rubio stalling force senate seat in florida. he will join us to talk about the race and get his take on donald trump in his son eric stops by to gives us an inside look, what is his dad need to do to win. we'll take your calls. keep it right here. that will do it for a friday edition of the mike gallagher show. they give her much for joining us. stick around for dennis. is coming up next. are off to philadelphia, ohio and florida but we will be back on monday broadcasting from orlando. wakeup with mark davis monday.
10:30 am
be safe. keep fighting the good fight.
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scenic they would drop it in at the end of the hour and make it
10:33 am
sound like we know it were doing we don't we fake it. >> is a soft break.
10:34 am
>> just music care-- here. ♪ ♪ 's elect mike gallagher. >> 26 minutes before the hour and we continue with the countdown. four days to go. the road to the white house. i'm off to philadelphia after the show today with a big rally. david clark and i will be there. larry elder, fellow talkshow host john boyd would join us. we will be in philly tonight, ohio in the columbus area near ohio stadium at the ohio state them university tomorrow afternoon. sunday we will be at tampa, at the river church. monday, in orlando in winter springs at the starlight baptist church and for details go to decision 2016 to it's another one of the whirlwind tours we have taken
10:35 am
with partnership, harder ship with the great america pac rallying the troops and encouraging the vote and getting people out there. that's what eric trump has been doing he's executive vice president of development and acquisitions and he has a dad who is now arguably the most famous man in the world. let's welcome on our guest line eric trump. mr. trump, welcome back? caller: good to be back. host: i just realized i'm intro we you and i have to believe your dad is now the most famous man on the planet. everyone knows who donald trump is; right? caller: it's amazing. it's kind of hard to believe when put in that context it's hard to believe. host: the whole year has been hard to believe in right now when we see the kind of momentum that your dad has-- your father right now has, i believe, a really really good shot. you look at some of these good states and
10:36 am
even cnn lays out the six ways he can win and we are looking at ohio, florida, new hampshire with incredible turnabout in virginia. i mean, there is no question that the cloud of that hangs mrs. clinton and the fbi investigation and all of the stuff that has been revealed with wikileaks has taken its toll and giving your data good shot at being president of the united states. caller: not only the cloud that hangs over her, but the clinton foundation and e-mails and lies and uranium one and all of the other scandals the clintons have had over the years, but also the cloud that hangs over our country. micah, you know this better than anyone, but we have $20 trillion in debt and are broken education system. 95 million people out of the workforce and we have lost 70000 factories since bill clinton aside to nafta.
10:37 am
median income has not gone up a penny in the last 15 years and people are making less money today than 15 years ago. obamacare, premiums are going up and up and up. in arizona alone there up 115% and in every state it's 20, 30, 50% and that's hitting people in their wallets. i could go on and on and on, but there is a cloud that hangs over this country because of cricket career politicians and that's the only reason my father is in this race, to make america great again. he will do such an unbelievable job for this country. host: his message is resonating, that drain the swamp. knocking over the apple car, not doing business as usual and let's face it, that scares the heck out of people who have made a career out of being establishment type. i mean, his candidacy for many people it's pretty terrifying, but to the american people who are not in the middle of all this,
10:38 am
aren't in the beltway, they seem to be saying it's time, it's time to take this country in a different direction. i want to ask you if i could, eric, about the whole idea of your dad and the difference between his performance now the campaign trail and hillary clinton. here is president obama yesterday for healing and attacking and going after your dad in a most epic way. she is doing the same thing. she doesn't seem to be delivering a message about while-- why she would be a better commander-in-chief. they just seem to be about hammering your dad >> he spent a lot of time with celebrities. he spends a lot of time hanging out with the really wealthy folk, but you don't see him hanging out with working people unless they are cleaning his room or mowing the fairways on his golf course.
10:39 am
you will make this guy your champion if you are a working person? come on. someone who spent his life without ever showing any regard for working folks. host: wow, eric, if you don't mind i have to wonder how many people barack obama has ever had on a payroll. i do believe your dad has employed more than a few people over the course of his adult life, has a he? caller: we employ well over 10000 people. i find that ironic when i hear a quote like that our president in his hometown of chicago, has had 2000 shootings in chicago alone this year, he has not been back once, not once to his hometown to say time to knock it off. we are better than this as americans to try to bring-- peace to that city.
10:40 am
in 10-- instead he's in martha's vineyard, the most elitist place in this country flying air force one in their on our tax payer dollars so he can play another 25 rounds of cough. it's horrible when louisiana was underwater , when people's lives were destroyed in coffins were floating down the streets and the images we saw, he did not show up once. he was nowhere to be found. he was in martha's vineyard playing golf, what are these places playing golf, i mean, i find it so disturbing, 95 million people out of the workforce. his policy has drain manufacturing from this country. we have lost so many jobs and we are paying so much in taxes. obamacare is costing people so much money in this country. he has hurt the middle class more than anyone, i mean, we have 8 million more people on food stamps right now than before he entered i mean home ownership is at an all-time low in this country and i can
10:41 am
go on and on and on. more people working two, three, four jobs just to get by. his policies have been devastating to this country and quite frankly policies of past administrations and we need to put america active work between dean to win for this country again. it's a sad thing. host: eric trump is with us here on the mike gallagher show. are you encouraged by the way hillary and president obama and even mrs. obama are hammering your dad on the campaign trail while on the other hand he seems to be sticking to the message and advancing his reasons for wanting to run for president? there is a stark difference between these two campaigns. is that encouraging to you? caller: there is a stark difference and i think people will go to jail over this clinton foundation scheme. bill and hillary came out and they said quote unquote we were dead broken now they are worth a quarter of a billion dollars and i'm
10:42 am
not a big fan of people stealing e-mails, but the one good thing about wikileaks is that showed how corrupt these people truly are with donna brazil giving questions ahead of time to hillary, i mean, it's horrible, but just look at their antics now, i mean, hillary is in pennsylvania campaigning in pennsylvania which has always been a blue state. why she campaigning oliver pennsylvania? because she's worried we will win their shirt look at nevada. we are going to win nevada. host: how about new hampshire. caller: look at michigan where i am now. i mean, it's incredible. they are sending their people to michigan. i mean, michigan has not gone red in 30 years, something like that and there-- we are flipping states all across the country because this is not a democrat versus republican race.
10:43 am
it's about an insider versus a total outsider. hillary clinton has been a politician longer than i have been alive and i'm not like a young millennial. what do we have to show for it? what do we have to show for these career politicians? host: everyone is playing a game and they have to watch one state. look at ohio, florida. from your perspective is there a certain state that you think will be the key to tuesday night for him? caller: i think we will win pennsylvania and i think we will win michigan, nevada and new mexico and i think we have a good shot at winning colorado and those are all states that republicans traditionally don't win a. host: if that happens and he holds the leads he has everywhere else it's game over; right? caller: game over. it's the one thing i can tell you and your audience and you have got to know me. my father is a made man and you see how hard he worked on the campaign trail. he has the stamina, i mean, he's incredible. i call him the energizer bunny or key doesn't stop and we need someone working out hard for this country and we need
10:44 am
-- my father is incredibly successful person. he needs nothing. it's really nice to have someone in the oval office as opposed to someone who at the behest at the american people is doing everything they can to line their own pockets and that's why think a lot of people will be indicted when the fbi finally prosecutes this case, which it looks like they are considering doing from the reports on the networks. i don't know, it's really bad something is happening out there and my father will drain the swamp and we will make america great again. host: i feel really good about what i think will happen to stay. you are not without some a your battle scars on the campaign try-- trail this week. i guess you got it hot water over some comments over david duke. do you look back at that site, gosh, every single word will get
10:45 am
scrutinized because i have to be ready for it. caller: correct. by the way, it is great. we put ourselves out there and we-- you know, my father has two people fighting for him, the american people and that's why he has 20000 people going to rallies, his family and himself. host: and that is it. he's up against the world on this thing and that's what makes these poll numbers and the fact that he can win this thing so amazing. heat has the whole media machine, a billion dollars behind hillary, i mean, this is his-- it's historic. it's historic what he has done. caller: no question. the greatest political machine in the mainstream media and you know why he is winning and why he won the primary? because the american people were staunchly behind him and by the way if you will be sitting there fighting with him and i will fight for my father
10:46 am
until i'm dead, i mean, i just believe in the man that much. is the greatest guy the world. by the way, if you don't want to get hit don't enter this process. host: i have been fighting for him all year and then never trump and the machine don't like it. they would grab-- rather rollover, i guess. caller: there are some really ugly people in this business and it's very sad. some really bad bad people who do bad bad things. you see that with wikileaks and the foundation and the attacks on christians and some of the other people, i mean, you really have some bad people in the political spectrum and ugliness that goes on and it's sad, but we will change that take back our country and hopefully make you very proud. host: i sure hope so. stay safe and i'm so grateful for the time you have always taken on the campaign trail to join us, eric trump. fight the good fight and
10:47 am
hope for the best tuesday. caller: absolutely. host: appreciate you joining us. caller: thank you. host: eric trump on the campaign trail for his dad. we will get called in, your reaction, all of this. are you ready? are you going to make it four days and counting. okay, four minutes break and then we are back. by the way-- cut the feed. on getting comments that maybe the feed is still going through or whatever-- [inaudible] host: but not through the feed? got you. one of the big initiatives if you have never heard my show before if our efforts to raise money for police officers who've been killed in duty in this week we had to iowa
10:48 am
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or microphone on twitter if you want to follow us on twitter. feed. how is mike pence coming had we look, lance? so, should i tease mike pence or no?
10:50 am
10:51 am
host: all rights. how much time?
10:52 am
♪ ♪ host: rudy giuliani on the campaign trail same president obama should promise the american people he will not give hillary clinton a party whether she is elected or not elected. a lot of people were asking about pardons. welcome to "the mike gallagher show". we are simulcast to dance spent to. if you want to watch the show as we deliver it to you. portions of art show brought you by hack saw a ridge, a movie i will absolutely move you and inspire you. hacksaw bridge that one of the greatest war stories of all time. i saw this movie last weekend i was deeply moved by it. it's a story by one of the great war heroes, desmond doss, never fired a bullet or carried a weapon and
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saved the lives of 75 soldiers and one day and became the first conscientious objector in world war ii to receive the medal of honor. it's a story of courage, faith, bravery by academy award winner mel gibson. hacksaw bridge is the movie everyone woke talk about at award time. it's a the story about the power of faith to do the impossible work let me give you suggestion, maybe this weekend as you are stressed about the election and you don't know what will happen tuesday remember the power of faith in the power of the unthinkable happening. hacksaw bridge in theaters everywhere. for more information it's hacksaw bridge, movie, rated r, under 17 not admitted without parents. here is susan. hello, susan. how are you? caller: good morning. how are you? host: good. caller: i am just thankful for you, mike, for getting us through this anxiety every day.
10:54 am
i'm totally on board with donald trump and have been from the get-go. probably the only one in my family, but that's okay. and wanted to say a couple things about this corrupted woman running. i cannot even believe this. just the more you hear every single day about her and it is not broadcast on cnn. host: it is somewhere and i appreciate your kind words because it's been a good year. i mean, we have been fighting hard, but cbs is now reporting the fbi has identified e-mails on wieners a laptop, which relate to kill or is at the state department, which is a very big deal. cbs's reporting and this is not, you know just fox news or the "wall street journal", cbs news reporting these e-mails according to their sources are not duplicates of e-mails found on hillary's private server and it's a big deal in your correct, the scandal is incredible, i mean, the cloud is very very dark
10:55 am
and i cannot imagine that the american people on tuesday, will be willing to pull the lever for mrs. clinton. appreciate appeared john, you are next up. welcome to "the mike gallagher show". caller: hello. don't know if you know anyone in the white house press corps, but you just told my thunder of it with giuliani pretty much same, mr. president, will you promise right now after the election that you will not pardon hillary clinton. host: he will never do that because it don't you imagine a scenario where he will? caller: here's the thing, if you get him on record and he has to say one of three things either yes, i will promise. or on record saying he won't and the most likely answer will be say no and he already knows it or not at this time and that means he will and he already knows it. if people hear him saying this, then i think a million people were slate it is corrupted. host: i think we know already how corrupted is. he will never answer that and no reporter will probably ask in that.
10:56 am
robert, quickly to use. caller: nice to hear from you mike. i'm a lifelong democrat and i am voting for trump and i have from day one. my best friend, 70 years old, i'm 70 and his wife never voted in their life and they came up from north carolina last week and they are voting for trump i try to get that guy to vote so many times that he just would not. host: robert, anecdotally i hear this everywhere i go. i hear from truck drivers who say all they see art trump tends sides as hard as i can seek and it feels to me like trump will win, but don't take anything for granted. get out tuesday and vote, vote, vote. ♪ host: coming up, the fbi as i said supposedly finding new e-mails according to cbs. i wanted to bring back former fbi assistant director and we also hope to hear from transplant-- vice
10:57 am
presidential running mate, mike pence that a more as "the mike gallagher show" continues. four days to go. we have a break and i will be back to work getting ready for the third and final "the mike gallagher show" on c-span2.
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♪ >> we're going to wrap up for the third and final hour. we are hoping of the governor mike pence on the show. he said a big campaign rally. hopefully will have doldrums running mate and hopefully have gym from the fbi coming up. former assistant fbi director and will try to get a lot of calls on the score. welcoming c-span2. i mike gallagher. radio host. large to be with us. if you want to participate feel free to call 800-655-mike is our call-in number. he would go for the third and final hour. hope you enjoy it.
11:07 am
>> the tide has turned for donald trump. will it be enough to propel him into victory on tuesday? listen, there's one into the that knows and he is high in the
11:08 am
heavens above. that's the only one who knows. what a week, what a week, what a year. we have four days to go on this road to the white house and i'm very, very glad you joined for today's edition of the mike gallagher show. it's also tv day. c-span2 is an house under broadcasting our radio show so if you watch us on c-span2, feel free to participate in the show as well. you can call us at 800-655-mike. all kinds of breaking news. development, just keep coming so quickly. it's hard to keep a. i did a hit last night on fox news business, i mean the fox business network with lou dobbs. we were talking about how you can't even absorb all the information that's coming out. cbs is confirming that the fbi has identified e-mails on huma abedin's laptop that relate to
11:09 am
hillary's tenure at the state department. fbi director comey releasing the letter to congress saying the investigators had identified a new source of e-mails which relate to her private server. this is a serious, serious stuff. make no mistake about it. we could be dealing with and in speeches process -- impeachment process if hillary clinton were elected tuesday. some of us are old enough remember what watergate was like and what gerald ford went through and having to pardon richard nixon. and i cannot imagine that people today in america would go down that path again. i mean, now we know why the clinton campaign reacted so strongly to jim comey's announcement about the review of these e-mails. because the fbi found e-mails related to her tenure second estate and that's a very big
11:10 am
deal. fascinating how the mainstream media doesn't seem to want to make a big deal about it. cbs has reported on it. are you in a week brett baer reported that with 99% certainty his sources say that five foreign entities hacked into hillary's unsecured server. brett baer reported that barring a destruction from the justice department, there was going to be an indictment forthcoming. this is the kind of stuff that the american people are now having to confront. and that's why the tide has turned -- turn so dramatically. i think he will win pennsylvania, florida, take a while, when new hampshire and nevada. i believe he's going to win virginia. i believe trump is going to win. i hate to make a prediction because i don't want you to be complacent. i don't want you to be too cocky. you've got to vote. you've got to get in there and cast your vote tuesday and you've got to work hard to get
11:11 am
this done. i really have a lot of confidence in donald trump's ability to stop hillary rodham clinton. how about you? let's find out. 800-655-mike. 800-655-mike. we welcome you in your quest and the by. we hoped of governor mike pence, donald trump spice presidential running mate, fbi former fbi assistant director jim hellstrom, and you at 800-655-mike. we have four days ago. holy cow, it's almost over. can you believe it? been perhaps the real fight begins. welcome in to the mike gallagher show. >> i couldn't hear. okay, go. how i was looking on mike pence, lance?
11:12 am
any suggestions on mike pence, what angle you want me to take? can you confirm that?
11:13 am
that's a good place to start. how are we on calls?
11:14 am
>> he's going to want to his motorcade and supposedly he's going to try to do this on the cell phone. this isn't a live radio. we are not sure. of course, i've got heartbreak for the network radio show we have to hit. i can't float those breaks are can't cover those breaks. that's kind of the problem we are up against so we are hoping lance, my producer, my producer is in dallas. he actually books the gas,
11:15 am
directs content, my screener in new york, eric cantor, my director in new york. we are in new york. lance is in dallas. peter, my creative services director is in saratoga springs. he's that big booming voice that says welcome to the mike gallagher show and provides us with audio. we are spread out all over the country. i business manager is in south carolina. is actively involved in the show every day. now with technology everything is different and we can be spread out all over the country. we don't have to all be under one roof. the people who sell the mike gallagher show, our big sales team, they are spread out literally all over the country. we have sound communications computer, broadcasting company that not only owns my show but hugh hewitt, dennis prager,
11:16 am
eric, larry elders. so without a great year. salem partnered with cnn to broadcast the gop presidential debate. we went and covered all of that. it's been a good year for talk radio, a figure for all of our shows. some of us had a different path in terms of supporting trump, not supporting trump. michael s. bennett very conspicuously never trump your it's been difficult for those of us who don't agree with that. none of us like to disagree within the family but hey, families disagree and sometimes you don't see eye to eye but hopefully at the end of the day we'll all get back together again and do what's right for the country. i'm going to cover that with governor mike pence. i was just told at least two minutes away. hopefully we'll get him in just a minute.
11:17 am
can someone give give me a thump if he calls? he's calling here, right, lance 60 seconds to let me know. someone give me a thumbs up the second he calls, even before you are screening him. ♪ ♪
11:18 am
>> i've been joking with all of my guests today that i should give him a complimentary my pillow. my pillow of course one of the great partners of the mike gallagher show, one of our sponsors. the inventor of my fellow has a great offer for you. basically four pillars for the price of one. this is the best now i've ever slept on. i am sleeping like a baby every night. the patented phil mike invented conforms to your back and neck and hit in a way you don't have to put your arm under the pillow. if you're looking for a perfect night sleep and great christmas gift idea because when you buy one premium mike bell you get a matching premium and to inigo pillows for just the price of one. go to my -- my pillow.
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click on the radio listeners enter and promo mike g. the good news is the inventor of my pillow, i've got to tell governor pence this because he's a big donald trump supporter. got it everybody my pillow even governor mike pence coming out of the river could night sleep after this campaign. governor mike pence, welcome back to the mike gallagher show. how are you? >> caller: great, mike. great to be with you and we just wrapped up a rally at michigan. >> i am excited about michigan become excited about virginia. i've been saying for two weeks i think you guys are going to do well in pennsylvania. that was sort of unthinkable a while ago. you have to feel like you have a lot of wind at your back right now. >> caller: i think we the
11:20 am
american people rally more and more every day beyond donald trump's vision to make america great again. i really do believe and you're such a great, great voice for american ideals and american strength. the american people know we can be stronger at home and abroad. we can stand tall on the world stage again. we can get this economy moving again by not increasing taxes like hillary clinton wants to do a bike cutting taxes, repealing obamacare, having smarter and tougher to reduce. we can do it in a way that cherishes and protects our highest constitutional liberties, all of that i think is what resulting in this movement growing literally by the day. i truly do believe that donald trump is going to be elected the next president of united states. >> i know you been on the campaign trail with ted cruz. today i spoke to marco rubio for both of course were contenders and opponents of donald trump during the primary process.
11:21 am
i have so much respect for these men who it seems to me are putting the country ahead of the rivalry, and head of the differences. donald trump was very hard on them and, of course, they were hard on you. it was a tough fight but tell us a little bit about senator cruz is presence on the campaign go right now on behalf of the trump-pence ticket. >> we just had a great day in iowa and michigan yesterday. senator ted cruz is one of the great conservative leaders in the united states of america, and to have them come out stand shoulder to shoulder with the competence of team as he did yesterday, i think it tells you everything you need to know about ted cruz. he is a man who is committed to conservative cause. he's committed to a stronger and more prosperous america and we couldn't be more grateful. >> marco rubio pacific i'll be in miami the editing. i will be campaigning for marco rubio.
11:22 am
we are grateful for his support, for the trial has tinkered grateful for senator cruz support. i was in arizona and the governor came out strongly in favor and spoke to a rally. i think you're seeing republicans all across the country recognizing that it's time to come home for anyone who hasn't yet made a decision in the republican race, and now it's time to come home, elected donald trump or it's time to come home to reelect republican majorities in house and innocent and it's time to come home to make sure hillary clinton is never elected president of the united states. >> governor, is it premature to talk about that kind of role that you would play in a donald trump administration? >> well, you know, the first conversation i'll tell but i ever had were talking a little bit about that. i really think, i think as we've gone along the way, i believe
11:23 am
that my experience 12 years in the congress where i built relationships with many of the principal men and women in our national government, as well as my experience as a governor will put me in a position to hopefully help make the case, not only on capitol hill but around america for donald trump's agenda to get this economy moving again, to rebuild our military, to justices to the supreme court that upholds the constitution. but it will be the greatest honor in my life to play a supporting role of donald trump implement his vision to make america great. >> it's amazing to see how close he is right out and i will he is doing and, of course, that's combination of his message of change and all of the scandal of the controversy that is surrounding mrs. clinton right now. i mean, this is happening at a time, it seems like just the timing of this come of the fbi's announcement and the leaks in the wikileaks at all this stuff about quite possibly her having
11:24 am
compromised national security. governor pence, you can understand what a big deal this is that we would even consider voting for a candidate who is under fbi investigation called but it really is extraordinary. as i said in my vice presidential debate last summer the fbi concluded that she mishandled classified information and said they only determined she was quote extremely careless. but i said to senator kaine on the stage well, if he the one of her sons who are marine corps officers handle classified information the way she did, they would at least be court-martialed and probably worse. there's always been this double standard around the clintons throughout the last 30 years. the american people are not having any more of it. i really do think that people are tired of pay to play politics and in whatever comes of this latest reopen the investigation what we already know is what the media then calls the circle of enrichment.
11:25 am
you know, literally the years of the clintons which is second in state and long ago are just emblematic of the kind of politics the american people are weary of and it's the kind of politics is going to come to a crashing halt when donald trump become president. because his own special interest with this president will be the american people. >> i saw someone on tv last i talk about how much fun at how relaxed i am positive and optimistic his message is right and on the campaign to. i see these clips of mrs. clinton and president obama and even michelle obama flailing away and attacking donald trump. it's pretty remarkable to see the difference in tone and tenor of the two campaigns. i can't believe that democrats would've expected that their best argument is simply to tear into donald trump rather than advancing water message would be as commander-in-chief.
11:26 am
>> caller: it's a great comment but to me there's nothing new about it. donald trump since the republican convention has been giving, you know, you reported, one substantive speech after another about how we'd rebuild our military, how we confront radical islamic terrorism, how we revive our economy, how we restore our cities. appointments to the supreme court, uphold our constitution. that contrasts with the last three months has been, hillary clinton campaign has been an avalanche of insults. literally one personal insult after another. i think it's because they really don't want to dwell on the fact all she offers the american people is a continuation of the failed policies of this administration at home and abroad. that new report just came out, the economy just came out 161,000 jobs in october.
11:27 am
you know, the economist at the minimum expected more than 170,000. we are the most powerful economy in bars and literally we have this anemic growth the last seven and a half years. so i understand why they don't want, why they want to continue. donald trump has been and will continue to run all the way to reelection to talking about making america great again and the ideas that will do that. >> we have four days to go. i'm always grateful for the time you've been able to take to join us on the mike gallagher show from the campaign go. does your family have like a beach vacation planned for something after november 8? do you need a vacation? >> caller: we don't even think past november 8. we are taking to the finish. i tell people it's real to real, hammer down. we are chasing that checkered flag. >> governor pence, keep fighting the good fight. stay safe, we'll talk soon.
11:28 am
thank you so very much. governor mike pence, donald trump's vice presidential running mate from the great state of indiana joining us here on the mike gallagher show. there's a lot more coming up including your voice, i promise your calls, a lot of calls, 800-655-mike. >> a three or four minute break and then the final half hour of the show. i think i'm going to play coming out of the break a two-minute audio clip from michael moore, of all people, he did a big anti-trump documentary but he gave come as i understand it is movie i think called trump land is like him speaking at some rally or something but in his
11:29 am
speech he does kind of what apparently was a hypothetical about why trump would win. he goes through this whole scenario and it is one of the most powerful moving inspirational messages about drones candidacy. donald trump is not supported by michael moore. he doesn't support donald trump against. in fact, is right now apparently livid people like me are using this audio as kind of an inspirational pro-trump message. i want you to hear it if you're a new list are just joining us today for the first time on c-span2, to this michael moore message. we got it off of u2. someone added dramatic music and it's like, it brings people to tears because it's about the outsider status of trump and the people who've been left behind by the government, by the country, by politicians, people who can't afford to get health care. it's all about why trump will win.
11:30 am
i never understood under pressure research better why michael moore's message which is so pro-trump comes from anti-trump guide. it was maybe a hypothetical. listen, the merits of the audio stand on their own. we will play that i promised to put every day until election day and i just got a tax and jones said it's joe in michigan, please stick to your promise to update and then we'll take calls and then former assistant fbi director, that will be our final half hour.
11:31 am
11:32 am
talking about -- why do you torture me? you torture me. i am not doing this. these are live spots. i am not recording this. i am on camera. i don't want to do these. they are showing the villain here who is my slave driver, make me do things -- i don't want to do these. i will do it later. we are out of time, we have to get back. let's do a live one here please. >> 990 -- >> they warned me about banter on these commercial breaks on c-span2. an emotional guy.
11:33 am
be change not asked -- and >> somebody sent me a text, you are in new york city, we want to see your view. we are in lower manhattan by wall street. we are next door to the trinity cemetery at trinity church, very famous historic site, george washington went to church there and alexander hamilton is buried there along with angelica and his wife and girlfriend, all at trinity cemetery but not much of a view out this window. we have it shaved down and all we see are other buildings up against us. used to be the empire state building, the 47th floor, big sweeping vista views of new york but no more.
11:34 am
>> let me ask you a question. >> no answer to that one. ask me a question. why do i do this? >> during the occasional bad call. >> we wouldn't go -- >> look at all these calls i have got. >> bottom line, mike is just to give her. >> i am a big man. >> now back to mike. >> if you are watching us on c-span2 you just watched me have an interaction, a conversation with my operations director who wanted me to cut a spot i didn't want to cut. i will talk to the c-span2 viewing audience, got a text from someone in the 240 area
11:35 am
code. watching you on c-span, we need you, you are helping in the battle. we will find out on tuesday. you know who is helping in this battle of all people? michael moore. i made a promise a week or so ago, when the michael moore audio first went viral that i would play this every day up to election day. this is such a powerful message. michael moore is not a trump supporter. he is a left leaning documentary filmmaker who hates conservatives and hates the republican party but michael moore's message from his anti-trump documentary brings people to tears because for many it is exactly why donald trump has had such success this year. as promised let me deliver to you this powerful message from filmmaker michael moore. he doesn't like this message
11:36 am
being advanced because he is not pro-trump and i know that so don't send me a bunch of emails saying don't you know he is anti-trump? we know he is anti-trump. i also know his message from his documentary is as powerful a reminder of why trump could win tuesday as anything i ever heard. >> whether trump means it or not is irrelevant because he is saying things to people who are hurting. it is why every beaten-down, nameless, forgotten working stiff who used to be part of what was called the middle-class love trump. he is a human molotov cocktail they have been waiting for, the human hand grenade they throw into the system that stole their lives from them. on november 8th, election day, although they lost their jobs, although they have been foreclosed on by the banks, next came the divorce and the wife and kids are gone, they haven't had a real vacation years, they are stuck with obamacare where
11:37 am
you can't even get a parking pass, have essentially lost everything they had except one thing. the one thing that doesn't cost them a send it is guaranteed by the american constitution, the right to vote. they might be penniless, they might be homeless, it doesn't matter because it is equalized on that day was a millionaire has the same number of votes as the person without a job, one. there is more of the former middle-class than there are in the millionaire class. on november 8th the dispossessed will walk into the voting booth, be handed a ballot, close the curtain, and put a big x in the bottom of the name of the man who has threatened to upend and overturn the very system that
11:38 am
has ruined their lives, donald j trump. they say the elite who ruined their lives hate trump. wall street hates trump. the career politicians hate trump. the media hates trump after they loved him and created him. and now hate him. the enemy of my enemy is who i am voting for. on november 8th, you, joe blow, steve blow, billy blow, billy bob blow, all the blows, blow up the whole system because it is your right it will feel good. >> see what i mean? what a powerful powerful message that is? that could be played as a trump commercial. how it came out of michael moore i will never know.
11:39 am
that is all right. sometimes wisdom comes from unlikely places so thank you, michael moore for your powerful argument as to why america should elect donald trump. 1-800-655-mike. if you can't get through on talk lines text us 800-655-6453. thanks for your patience, loretta, welcome aboard. we 15 thanks for taking my call. are you people preparing the clintons to watergate but go back to 1953 the rosenbergs were executed for selling nuclear secrets to the russians. how is what the clintons are doing different? i don't understand how the country can be sold out from under us by the clintons and the race is so tight? >> host: don't know how tight the races. i don't think it will be that tight. i don't think it is. i don't know that it will be
11:40 am
neck and neck. a lot of people are uncertain if we will have another hanging chad busch/gore go into the night, drag it out for days, supreme court, i don't think so. there is incredible momentum for trump right now and it is because of the things you just raised. mrs. clinton quite likely or quite possibly jeopardized national security by her reckless, careless actions, with her email server, this stupid private server she cobbled together. not to mention all the questions about the clinton foundation and the pay to play and giving access to foreign countries in exchange for big-time donations to the clinton foundation. this is horrific horrific stuff. appreciate your call. 800-655-mike. here is ron.
11:41 am
thanks for joining us. >> caller: my question is quite simple but it can be complicated. like president ford pardoned president nixon, would president obama have the ability assuming hillary wins next week, would he be constitutionally able to pardon her, give her a blanket pardon that would put to bed, put to rest all these allegations? >> host: it is a question i am hearing more and more every day and the fact that anyone is asking the question shows you how likely it is donald trump is going to win tuesday. this is in the american people's hands. when people are wondering about pardons and impeachments, impeachment proceeding and all of that now, guess what?
11:42 am
it is incredible to me people are legitimately wondering about that kind of scenario and yet again, that is the truth underway investigation when sources report to the news media that an indictment is forthcoming, when sources tell the news media that five foreign agencies hacked into her unsecured server. these are the bitter truth we are left with. i can't conceive, can't put my brain around the idea the american people would vote for hillary rodham clinton. welcome aboard. >> first time on c-span2. >> host: how are we doing? >> caller: i am in vermont and i see a lot of trump/hence signs going up, a lot in western mass too. >> host: you think trump could win vermont?
11:43 am
>> caller: yes. >> host: if trump wins vermont it is over. he will the the president of the united states especially estate like the producers, people like bernie sanders or howard dean. portions of the show brought to you by the gold standard homeschooling materials, textbooks, information,, tens of response to the former assistant fbi director who was on the show earlier in the week with the latest developments reported by cbs news that emails found were not duplicates, these were new emails, swore under oath to do the job. i saw jim on megan kelly, dive into that and continue, busy addition of the mike gallagher show. i will be in philadelphia at the
11:44 am
white marsh valley country club. in lafayette in pennsylvania, david clark, the sheriff will be with me, other special guests touring the country with the make america great packed tomorrow, in columbus, the ohio state university saturday afternoon. at the starlight after church in winter springs was for details on the big tour go to >> identity theft is an awful
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membership starts at $9.99 a month. go to or call 800-908-9840, use the promo code gallagher to get 10% off of your membership, 800-918-9490 for lifelock. >> mike gallagher. >> ever felt you had to choose between getting new blinds or holding onto your life savings? those fears end now thanks -- >> host: how many did i do? two so far? i did three or two? >> okay. >> do-it-yourself doesn't mean do it alone. you can hang your own blinds. for added peace of mind are specialists will walk you through, choose and install. >> host: i am tired. all this pressure with c-span2 in the house, all this traveling
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and fighting -- i have been having some kind of allergies or something for the last six weeks and have not felt very good. kind of weird to do all this. maybe it is all the travel or the intensity of what is going on in our world right now. not feeling real hot these days. i can sleep when i am dead as they say. >> call trinity at 1-800-990-dubbadash talk to a certified person. consolidate your accounts -- put a stop to late fees and reduce interest. you will save thousands.
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>> i have been able to pay off $50,000. >> if your debt has you down call 800-990-6866. >> what is the breaking story? chris christie story? i thought it was the new york post.
11:49 am
just music here. got a breaking news story. they were convicted. [commercials in background] is
11:50 am
breaking now on the mike gallagher show. >> host: two former aides of chris christie were found guilty of closing for it lee, new jersey traffic lanes to the george washington bridge. injuria seven women and five men returned a guilty verdict after 5 hours of determination so bridget and kelly, christie's former deputy chief of staff and christie's appointee found guilty, going to jail, general sentencing guidelines call for 20 years, prosecutors said they wouldn't ask for that much, sentencing guidelines could be one to 3 years in prison for what is more bad news for chris christie who has seen his approval ratings plummet in new jersey, two former aides of chris christie found guilty of
11:51 am
closing down for we, new jersey, lanes to the george washington bridge. and consider that and i will bring this up to our next, former fbi assistant director who saw all matters related to counterterrorism for the state of new york, a really welcome voice during this tough year. great having you back on the mike gallagher show, nice running you in the hall last night in fox news. i want you to consider this for a moment. these two aides to chris christie are probably going to go to prison because they had some traffic lanes closed was hillary clinton running for president of the united states and facing perhaps an indictment down the road. they are going to go to prison and hillary clinton and bill clinton are out scot-free, some irony there. >> isn't it unbelievable.
11:52 am
this young navy can, great american enlisted boy. took a picture of a submarine and infill federal prison. unbelievable. >> host: more developments this week. cbs reports the emails the fbi discovered on a clinton email server not duplicates as purported by the democrats. this fbi investigation continues to get deeper and deeper. people are squawking about leaks and i saw megan kelly grill you about who is leaking it and why. there are a lot of fbi agents very frustrated at the way things have gone with the justice department this year. >> guest: rule of law has been thrown out the window. there is a lot of smoke here. a lot of evidence in the public domain, a lot of stuff on
11:53 am
wikileaks, we have to have an investigation. we are a country of laws, the rule of law has to be applied evenly across the board to the lower stand highest and in between and we have a justice department the won't offer a grand jury on anything. we won't get to the bottom of these successfully but i do understand there are things going on with the wiener investigation, i am not sure but i am getting inklings that major things will happen in the next 48 hours. >> host: another shoe will drop. >> guest: we already had top-secret documents but it goes elsewhere with that lowlife wiener. who knows what is on their.
11:54 am
>> host: let's talk about his wife, hillary clinton's -- described as another daughter to her, her right hand person, swore on multiple occasions she turned overall state department related documents and the devices she used to send those emails, she turned overall the devices to her lawyers she thought had state department material. if they found more state department emails on the device she shared with her husband does it only rely on intent or could there be an absolute indictment? how did this work? >> i don't know. this is speculation on my part, i just think there is something going on that is much bigger than what confronted jim comey
11:55 am
and had him do what he is doing and hopefully he will stand up for the rule of law and demand grand jury publicly if they want to prove them but there is something going on. we will know in the next 48 hours. no one told me that, it is my gut feeling. >> host: your instincts are as good as anybody's. it is a pleasure to thank you publicly like i did personally last night outside the fox news channel studios. can't be easy. you are a guy who served your country so many years, you say this message has to be heard and i'm grateful to your voice. >> guest: it is not the agents but the people running the agency. >> host: all the best, thanks for following up, here on the mike gallagher show, what a
11:56 am
week, we will batten down the hatches, hunker down tuesday, four days away. it has been a blast to spend time being seen on c-span2, a lot of texts and emails watching for the first time, thanks to the c-span2 crew for visiting with us today. we are just going to hang on and hope the american people do the right thing and wouldn't make the mistake of electing somebody who is under fbi investigation. it is as shocking a story is anything since watergate and we are going to know in the next four days on this road to the white house what the american people's verdict is going to be. keep fighting the good fight. we will be in philadelphia, ohio, traveling around with david clark, decision 2016 for
11:57 am
details, we will be back here monday, bsafe. i am mike gallagher, god bless america. thank you, c-span2 for watching. i appreciate you tuning in today. i will tell you about aches and pains, the solution is astounding, a life-changing thing to get rid of aches and pains when you reach a certain age. >> the syndicated mike gallagher show in new york city as nationwide from 9 am to noon, his program along with three at the top radio shows we feature all available at coming up in 15 minutes at 12:15, robert caleb talks about the election impact on disease research, at 12:15 on c-span2 and road to the white house coverage in the final weekend of
11:58 am
the campaign, hillary clinton in detroit. we will have that campaign rally at 5:15 eastern on c-span, up by 6 points in michigan including real clear politics. in pennsylvania donald trump won - one of three states he is in, behind by just three according to real clear politics. at 7:00 eastern, live on c-span, next, some campaign ads. >> 27 million is not just a number. it is all latino sisters and brothers eligible to vote thanks to their fathers and mothers who struggle and strife, sacrifice can give them better life. 27 million strong voting for freedom, equality and reason, traits that seem to have gone out of season. a vote to make a difference, to silence the ignorance because when you are 27 million strong,
11:59 am
no one can tell you you don't belong or expect you to just move along. 27 million are ready to put up a fight and not be intimidated by hatred and spite. on tuesday, 8 november latinos will go to the polls greater the never not to elect president of the united hate but to elect her the next president of the united states. >> i am hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> there is a movement building in america, every day people stand united ready to replace decades of broken politics with a new leader who is not part of the system. donald trump, his plan, lower taxes, give family child care tax credit, law and order, justice and fairness, and america is respected in the world again. this is our country. we can change direction and make america great again. >> i'm donald trump and i approve this message. >> the clintons from dead broke
12:00 pm
to worth hundreds of millions, how did hillary end up filthy rich? pay to play politics, poured into the clinton foundation for criminals, dictators, countries that hate america. hillary cut deals for donors. now the fbi has launched a new investigation after decades of lies and scandal, her corruption is closing in. >> i am donald trump and i approve this message. >> election night on c-span. watch the results to be part of a national conversation about the outcome. be on location at the hillary clinton and donald trump election night headquarters and watch victory in concession speeches in senate house and governors races live at 8:00 pm eastern and throughout the following 24 hours. watch live on or listen to live coverage on


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